Crescent Cove, San Francisco, California

MURAL: Brian Barneclo photo sans mural. MURAL: Brian Barneclo mural mockup tilt and shift style MURAL: Brian Barneclo mural mockup tilt and shift style updated MURAL: Actual Systems Mural as of September 22, 2011. Image: Brian Barneclo AERIAL: vertical aerial AERIAL: in context AERIAL: entrance BRIAN ROSE: entrance BRIAN ROSE: entrance close up BRIAN ROSE: lobby elevation west berry street with hamilton sign BRIAN ROSE: curved row of houses BRIAN ROSE: Berry Street elevation BRIAN ROSE: porch detail STOOP 2014 db BRIAN ROSE: courtyard BRIAN ROSE: courtyard finger blue BRIAN ROSE: community courtyard BRIAN ROSE: community center barbeque finger white BRIAN ROSE: west elevation elevation east BRIAN ROSE: east elevation under freeway straight on into courtyard BRIAN ROSE: curved townhomes from courtyard. view out from courtyard to row under walkway garden BRIAN ROSE: windows interior hall blue glass BRIAN ROSE: courtyard community from above BRIAN ROSE: courtyard from resident's balcony train view from Townsend across Caltrain tracks. PLAN: Typical upper floor plan. PLAN: Site plan. SKETCH: site diagram (db) CAD: Aerial computer generated rendering. RENDERING: street level Zendarski rendering. CONSTRUCTION: bike tour + lane view