Channel Lofts Baker Vilar Architects, Unbuilt
San Francisco, California

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Loft with city view.

Channel lofts is a residential loft project in San Francisco in the new mission bay district. It contains a lobby, cafes, and com lofts on the ground floor, with loft apartments above. Parking is provided in an embedded garage.

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David Baker + Partners

Associate Architect

Baker Vilar Architects


project data
Channel Lofts
San Francisco, California
number of units
loft 21
studio 12
1 bedroom 49
2 bedroom 43
3 bedroom 2
total 106
density ratios
project sf 213,707
site sf 42,958
acres 1.0
total bedrooms 153
bedrooms/acre 155
units/acre 107
total 1.46
spaces/unit 1.38
type embedded